Today’s veterans can face any number of obstacles while furthering their education. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Student Veterans of America (SVA), to be there for veterans while they pursue their education. Together we’re committed to ensuring our nation’s veterans succeed in their educational pursuits, community service endeavors, careers and personal lives. Working side by side, SVA Chapters and VFW Posts can help our nation’s veterans attain these goals.

The missions and purposes of both organizations share a great deal of synergy. SVA offers peer support for veterans transitioning back to civilian life and academia, frequently after serving one or more deployments overseas. The VFW provides opportunities for camaraderie, community service and veterans advocacy to those who have honorably served in overseas conflicts. While SVA Chapters are unique among veterans groups with their location on campus, VFW Posts are located in the same communities off campus. These two organizations can experience great and mutual success working together through several key avenues of cooperation.
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