Our organization was brought together by several retired and disabled veterans in our community. Seeing the need to reach out a hand to their fellow veterans and soldiers, with a goal of putting veteran homelessness and suicide to an end.

Project 4 Hope is a Tiny House Village Transitional Program for Veterans and their families. We will offer life skills, cooking and family management classes. As well as, job placement, counseling programs, housing assistance and budget management. Our staff and volunteers will work closely with other veterans organizations to get the help and support our veterans need. They will work with them for 6 months, to make sure they have the tools necessary to transition out of the program.

Our 7.5 acres will have several small cabin like homes for our veterans to be housed. The program will serve men and women as well as families. A large community center will welcome them to gather, have meals and entertainment as well as their counseling and classes.

The grounds will also offer a community garden, exercise course, disc golf course and fishing pond.

Long term goal is to offer permanent housing for our older veterans who may be on a fixed income and need an affordable place to call home.

We can't do this alone we need your help!
We are also Pet Friendly!!
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